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Jeff Riley

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Jeff RileY

Jeff Riley is the founder of Fitness Innovations, Inc., established in 1991. He is a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor. 

Jeff has devoted his life to the creation of innovative health, fitness, and nutrition information and products. 

As a competitive bodybuilder, Jeff has won numerous awards. 


Jeff has been instrumental in the formulation of all three Fitness Innovations® Nutrition Plans: 

  • Omnivorous Unprocessed™
  • LIVET™ 
  • 50/50 Max Fat Loss™

Jeff also developed the Fitness Innovations® Triple Exhaustion® Routine and authored a companion book titled Triple Exhaustion®.

Jeff’s mission is to educate people on the most effective ways to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

"What You Do To Get In Shape Is What You Do To Stay In Shape!"

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